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Clinicalvision V

Clinicalvision V combines:

  • Web-based EMR software
  • An integration engine to limit manual documentation
  • A reporting module that significantly reduces time spent with compliance reporting
  • An analytical module to ensure complete control of your clinical and business decisions.

Full featured Electronic Medical Record

Clinicalvision V is an innovative web-based Electronic Medical Record solution and because it is web-based, we are able to provide your clinical team with a robust clinical information system that increases your team’s effectiveness.  The technology used in building Clinicalvision V permits us to incorporate product updates quickly to support changing regulatory requirements and new government mandates.

With our document center, almost any form of information relating to your patient can be incorporated into their medical record and made part of their electronic chart.

Fast, powerful interface engine

Our interface engine ensures the capture of clinical data in the most effective manner possible and a complete medical record is captured across all points of care. We maintain all interfaces either inbound or outbound and we will actively manage any issues with respect to communications with third party systems allowing you to manage your patients. Moreover, this system will fully integrate with your billing solution and all charges sent to your billing application will be fully justified.

Extensive reporting capability

With the Clinicalvision V quick reports feature, your clinical team will have the patient reports they need to be efficient at the point of care.  Additionally the Clinicalvision V reporting warehouse will support rapid ad-hoc report generation as well as provide a very efficient solution for your monthly, quarterly and annual reporting.

Flexible, cost-effective licensing

Our licensing model is extremely flexible and provides for both on site deployment as well as outsourced hosting services. Our licensing fees match your organizational needs and our fees are normally fixed over a contract period so that you can best plan future cash flow.


Every single patient interaction can be captured within Clinicalvision V and all physician orders, from administering a dialysis treatment to specific medications, can be ordered through Clinicalvision V.  Every action initiated by your care team can be ordered and documented within Clinicalvision V, providing a specialized CPOE for chronic kidney disease. The benefit to the care team, and the patient, is the ability to reduce clinical errors and base decisions on the most up to date information.  Orders can be entered in seconds and of course, Clinicalvision V provides alerts when certain actions may be outside of known protocols.  Additionally complex orders specific to kidney disease are supported.

Clinical Computing has been our supplier for over 20 years starting with Proton then clinicalvision and now clinicalvision on the web. Their solutions continue to lead the kidney disease market

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