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April 2011

Professor Gerald Musgrave appointed to the Clinical Computing Board

Clinical Computing is pleased to announce the appointment of Professor Gerald Musgrave to the Board with immediate effect. Gerry will be Non-Executive Chairman, replacing Howard Kitchner, who will remain on the board as a non-executive director. Further details may be read here

February 2011

Clinical Computing invited to join the NRAA's newly formed CROWNWeb Technical Advisory Group (TAG)

Clinical Computing has been invited to join the NRAA's newly formed Technical Advisory Group (TAG) to represent its clinicalvision customers' interests in efficiently and economically submitting data required by CMS via CROWNWeb. The NRAA has been selected by CMS to develop a Health Information Exchange (HIE) to facilitate the electronic submission of data from existing clinical systems, such as clinicalvision, to CROWNWeb.
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February 2011

Clinical Computing proactively supporting an innovative research program

Clinical Computing has been invited by one of the UK's leading Renal Programmes to participate, with a number of leading universities, as a technology partner, in an innovative research program to evaluate the effective use of technology to support the multi-disciplinary care of patients with kidney disease.
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