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November 2012

Clinical Computing User Group Meeting

Clinical Computing announces its next clinicalvision 5 User Group Meeting which will be held in Cincinnati on December 12th and 13th. This two day event will see cv users from the US and Canada coming together to collaborate on the next generation of the clinicalvision technology. User group sessions will cover mobile technology, clinical analytic, CROWNWeb and Ontario Renal Reporting requirements. Current users will be providing experiences with respect to managing home therapies as well as maximizing billing. At the conference Clinical Computing will also release its new billing partnership to maximize dialysis reimbursement.

To Register contact Barbara Robinette at 513.369.9118 or

June 2012

Clinical Computing at CANNT 2012

Clinical Computing is pleased to have been invited to continue its partnership with the Canadian Association Of Nephrology Nurses and Technologists (CANNT) conference with a follow up presentation to its delegates at the annual conference. The presentation will address the effective use of mobile technology and the ability of technology to support clinicians involved in the delivery of chronic kidney disease programs.

Working with many of the worlds renal professional bodies, leading hospitals and dialysis units involved in every aspect of patient kidney care, Clinical Computing fully understands the growing importance of capturing and presenting a greater depth of ‘real time’ patient information to multi-disciplinary care teams that are both diverse and often geographically wide-spread. Clinical Computing has, over the years, developed and delivered innovative technology solutions that are supporting this particular drive towards new clinical best practice to assist the improvement in patient outcomes.

Speakers, Joel Tatham and Paul Helliwell from Clinical Computing, will present their insight into how Clinical Computing, a clinical technology partner, can deliver mobile medical record solutions that will support multi-disciplinary care and help improve patient outcomes.

June 2012

Clinical Computing 2012 AGM

Clinical Computing announces that the 2012 Annual General Meeting will be held at the IP City Centre, 1 Bath Street, Ipswich, IP2 8SD on 29 June 2012 at 2 pm.

To view the notice select the following link - CCL 2012 AGM Notice.

May 2012

Clinical Computing Certified for use with NRAA HIE

Clinical Computing has been Certified for use with the NRAA HIE providing our US customers (NRAA members) a vastly improved method of complying with the upcoming national rollout of CROWNWeb.

To find out how Clinical Computing may help you comply contact the Clinical Computing Sales team.

Further information may also be found at the NRAA HIE webpage.

April 2012

Clinical appoints BritDAQ

Clinical Computing Plc (“the Company”), the international developer of clinical information systems for the healthcare market and developer of programme management software, has appointed BritDAQ to provide a share matching facility.

To read the full announcment select BritDAQ Announcement.

March 2012

Clinical Computing proposes to delist from AIM

Clinical Computing Plc (“the Company”), the international developer of clinical information systems for the healthcare market and developer of programme management software, announces its intention to seek Shareholder approval for the cancellation of admission of Shares to trading on AIM.

To read the full announcment select Delisting Announcement.

To read the explantory circular including details of the General Meeting to be held on the 23rd April 2012 select Explanatory Circular.

February 2012

Clinical Computing joins CMS CROWNWeb demonstration pilot

Clinical Computing joins CMS CROWNWeb demonstration pilot as one of only 3 EMR vendors to qualify for this pilot project. The CMS CROWNWeb project was recently mentioned in February issue of Nephrology New and Issues. Clinical Computing is working closely with two current customers as part the final testing phase of the project. Once the pilot has completed and CMS CROWNWeb has gone live any dialysis facilities using clinicalvision V 5.2 will be able to make use of this additional interface functionality to submit and receive responses from CROWNWeb automatically.

February 2012

Dialysis Management Clinics ( DMC, Inc. ) of Toronto Canada highlight the benefits of using Clinicalvision across their clinics.

DMC Inc. have recently relaunched their external website, adding a page with details on their use of clinicalvision V and highlighting the information that clinicalvision provides on a client by client basis and as an overview to the provision of health care for their clients.

January 2012

clinicalvision V 5.2 released - Ease of use with new "Home Page"

Clinicalvision 5.2.1 is our first major release around the new “home page” feature. Additionally 5.2.1 has many new user enhancements – in fact we have updated 15 areas of clinicalvision, adding new functionality or updating existing functionality based on feedback from our customers.
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January 2012

cclinicalvision V 5.2 pre-recorded webinars

Clinical Computing have published a a series of pre-recorded webinars on our customer forum explaining the new features and benefits of clinicalvision 5.2. This set of short webinars is aimed at providing clinical and administrative staff with immediate understanding of new functionality in small, 5-10 minute video shorts. Check them out in the forum!

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