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In November 2010 members of the Canadian Association Of Nephrology Nurses and Technologists (CANNT) met in Toronto for its annual conference. Showing its full support for the organisation and its vision for patient care within Canada, Clinical Computing presented to the delegates its vision of how the effective utilisation of technology would assist enhance patient care within a multi-disciplinary care environment. Working in partnership with Clinical Computing, Carol Holtzer, Director and co-owner of Dialysis Management Clinic co-presented her own organisations view of how they have implemented and are effectively utilised Clinical Computings own technology, Clinicalvision, to support their own programmes of patient care.

For over 40 years the Canadian Association of Nephrology Nurses and Technologists has provided a forum for health care and technology professionals to promote the continuous improvement in the quality of care provided to patients with chronic kidney disease and to support families whose lives are also affected by this disease.

One of the areas that has grown over this period is the emergence of technology to the successful delivery of effective patient care.

Clinical Computing's Director of Sales and Partnerships, Paul Helliwell and Dialysis Management Centres (DMC) co-owner and head of clinical services Carol Holtzer are passionate advocates of the use of technology and the creation of a central Electronic Medical Record (EMR) to assist clinicians help to improve the outcomes of the patients within their care.

The presentation focused upon two clear messages. The first from Clinical Computing was the emergence of the EMR and how to successfully implement technology in a renal environment to maximise the benefits to your staff and patients. The second was how, DMC, implemented their Clinicalvision EMR and are now realising the benefits of technology within their own clinics.

Below are some of the key points raised by each speaker. A full copy of the presentation is available as a download here.

Realising The Benefits

Consistent Themes - Points To Note
  1. Making the decision
    Build a comprehensive benefits statement with patients being the central sanity check
    • What is the cost of doing nothing
    • Where will the benefits be realised
      • Patient services
      • Staff
  2. Identify the needs that you need to address
    Look at what YOU believe will be needed to address today's issues but with regard to the future
    • People - involvement
    • Process - review and change
    • Technology - effectiveness
    • Compliance - governance and reporting
  3. Ensure that there is a senior sponsor for the proposed project
  4. Establish points of measurement
    • Improvements in patient outcomes
    • Patient referral points
    • Support and communication between internal teams
  5. Ensure that the organisation is willing to support change
Technological Implementation - Lessons learned
  1. Visualise the benefits that technology will deliver to the organisation
  2. Just do it; there is no best or good time to implement technology
  3. People learn what they want when they:
    • Have the culture and support for change
    • Focus on key areas and the value of the change
  4. Give them the tools and watch what they do
  5. Feedback is essential
Nursing - Lessons Learned
  1. Nursing needs are complex; do not under-estimate this
  2. Standardize language throughout the process. Use Pick-lists where possible
  3. Use what is available like BPG's to create a black box for nursing

Delegate Feedback

“Very motivating and inspiring”

“Excellent presentation. Hope to hear more, related to how to get the team to buy in”

“Enjoyed hearing how the presenter was implementing her system for their needs!

“Did a great job and opened our minds to new technology. Great job!!”

“Inspired me to try again!”

“Very inspiring talk”

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