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Localised version for Australia and New Zealand

Clinicalvision provides a complete CKD information system localised for both Australia and New Zealand. This system has been developed with the assistance of GAMBRO and includes all of the clinical features and reporting functionality available to provide a robust application to support your CKD program.

Partner with Gambro

Clinical Computing works in partnership with Gambro to deliver the most comprehensive clinical information solution for the ESRD community. Together we have successfully implemented our solution in both Australia and New Zealand. The solution fully integrates with Gambro's dialysis technology and can be implemented on a standalone basis.

Local support

Fully trained staff located in Australia supported clinicalvision locally. See our customer support page for contacting our locally based support team.

Meet your local reporting requirements

Clinicalvision's Reporting Warehouse is a robust reporting solution, which provides the clinical information you need to meet your reporting requirements for Australia and New Zealand.

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