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Canadian hosted solution

Clinical Computing has a dedicated hosting facility set up in Toronto Canada specifically for its Canadian customers. This facility resides in a Class III data center in downtown Toronto and meets the regulatory requirements for security of medical information and patient health records.

French and English versions

The Clinicalvision solution is available in English and French Canadian and is in use at both Hospital units and independent clinics supporting CKD and ESRD programs. Each version fully supports the local and governmental reporting requirements. Contact us to learn more about our Canadian solution.

French localization

Clinicalvision offre un système complet d’information CDK conçu pour le marché Franco Canadien. Ce système a été développé en collaboration avec Gambro Canada et vous offre toutes les caractéristiques cliniques ainsi que les fonctions de rapports de données nécessaires pour supporter votre clinique.

Partnership with Gambro

Clinical Computing works in partnership with Gambro Canada to deliver the most comprehensive clinical information solution for the Canadian ESRD community. Together we have successfully implemented our solution in Ontario and Quebec. The clinicalvision solution fully integrates with Gambro's ESRD dialysis technology.

Meet your Canadian Reporting needs

Clinicalvision's Reporting Warehouse is a robust reporting solution, which provides the clinical information you need to meet your reporting requirements. Contact us to learn more about our standard reports and Canadian specific reporting.

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