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Clinical Computing proactively supporting an innovative research program

Clinical Computing has been invited by one of the UK's leading Renal Programmes to participate, with a number of leading universities, as a technology partner, in an innovative research program to evaluate the effective use of technology to support the multi-disciplinary care of patients with kidney disease.
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Integrating Transplant services with renal services

Clinicalvision has two complementary applications, renalvision and graftvision. Together these applications support the entire CKD patient journey from early referral through to post transplant follow-up. Clinicalvision is ideal for managing your CKD patients through the complete NHS care process. Our solution coordinates scheduling, reporting, medications, care plans, ESRD and transplant services.

UK Renal Registry interface

The UK Renal Registry collects clinical data relating to the incidence, management and outcome of renal disease for monitoring quality indicators with the aim of improving the standard of care. Clinicalvision's UK Renal Registry interface complements the clinicalvision application and ensures that the reports required for compliance with the Renal Registry are submitted on time and with maximum compliance.

National Renal Dataset

The Department of Health in the UK in conjunction with the NHS Information Centre has developed a National Renal Dataset for use across England. The dataset defines the mandatory data collection expected of renal units.

Clinicalvision provides a UK renal (renalvision) and transplant package (graftvision) which supports collection and reporting in accordance with the National Renal Dataset. Additionally Clinical Computing provides full support for your reporting requirements to the national registries.

Transferring patients' clinical records between Trusts

Clinicalvision has a Trust-to-Trust patient transfer interface, which allows NHS Trusts to share patient records for any patient transfers between Trusts, which provide CKD/ESRD or Transplant services. Our interface provides for passing a complete CKD/ESRD and Transplant record between Trusts and updating the record on each Trust's system as the patient undergoes services. This interface is ideal for patients undergoing Transplant services at one Trust while still receiving ESRD services at another Trust.

PROTON to clinicalvision upgrades

Clinicalvision is a natural upgrade for your PROTON system. PROTON has been the primary information system used by NHS Trusts to manage ESRD services and Clinical Computing next generation of software - clinicalvision - is the natural upgrade for your PROTON system. Clinicalvision is a web-based solution designed with many of the same features found in PROTON, with enhancement to the interface management and reporting capabilities. If you want to upgrade your PROTON solution, contact us today.

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