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The CROWNWeb system supports CMS's ability to monitor clinical performance against metrics such as the Conditions for Coverage criteria. It is planned to roll out compulsory CROWNWeb reporting for all dialysis providers in the near future.

While there is a mechanism to report the data via a batch interface for some dialysis organizations, this is currently not open to most independent providers, meaning most facilities have to extract data from their current systems and manually enter data into CROWNWeb.

Most facilities will need to produce special reports and build new processes to aid the data collection and entry required to comply with CROWNWeb reporting.

Clinicalvision has developed a rapid reporting tool, which provides users with a mechanism to dynamically complete your CROWNWeb submission. Our process requires very little altering of your current processes and guarantees that you will not need to add to your staff to meet your obligations. If you need to save time and money on your current CROWNWeb process contact us to see a demo of our rapid reporting tool.


HIPAA, The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, requires healthcare organizations to ensure the security and the privacy of patient data, specifically protected health information. Our clinicalvision product provides the security and audit functionality to support our customers compliance with the HIPAA regulations. Likewise, we have designed our hosting solution to provide the highest standards of security to further assist our customers in meeting the HIPAA regulations with respect to protected health information.

American Recovery and Reinvestment Act

Although the final compliance mechanism is still being defined for 'meaningful use' purposes under ARRA, our product management team continues to track the requirements for certification of an EMR. We believe that clinicalvision is well established to comply with the eventual certification requirements and many of our users are already benefiting from some of the features in clinicalvision, which look to be part of the final requirements such as CMS quality reporting, problem lists, CPOE, security and privacy management.

Conditions for coverage (CfC)

Clinicalvision is an excellent tool to use to assimilate the data necessary to meet the CfC requirements. Our template manager, care plan package and reporting solution provide you with all the necessary tools to document your inter-disciplinary team assessments.  Additionally we provide our customers with samples to use or modify as part of the clinicalvision solution. Some of the samples provided to assist our customer meeting their CMS requirements include:

  • CMPA Nephrology Assessment/Reassessment template
  • CMPA Nursing Assessment/Reassessment template
  • CMPA Nutrition Assessment/Reassessment template
  • CMPA Social Services Assessment/Reassessment template Completed
  • Care Plan Report

CMS Bundling

The Medicare Improvements for Patients and Providers Act (MIPPA) replaces the current basic case-mix adjusted composite payment system with a bundled ESRD prospective payment system, or the ESRD PPS, for Medicare ESRD outpatient facilities beginning January 1, 2011. With clinicalvision, our customers are able to track all patient treatments, even those which are deemed outliners to the bundled payment. As clinicalvision tracks justification for all services you will be able to track your performance and maximize your revenue under the new bundling rules.

CMS billing changes
July 1, 2010

From July 1, 2010 CMS required the reporting of additional quality measures along with your billing submission. Clinicalvision users are already compliant with this requirement and if you require more information on how we track and report Kt/V, dialysis access type and infection reporting data please refer to our User Forum or contact our support team.

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